Thanks to Dr. Junyi Xie and her highly advanced treatment plans using innovative technology, she gets you the smile you've always wanted up to 6 months before traditional orthodontists.

Her services include:

  • Phase 1, specializing in airway and functional orthodontics
  • Virtual monitoring for less in person visits
  • Invisalign specialist in all types of cases including surgery
  • Smile Guarantee and free retainers
  • 3D metal printed appliances for a perfect fit and pain free experience!

Kind Care, Lifetime Smiles

Retainer Insurance

Whether you loose your retainer or have a little shift in teeth placement, we've got you covered.

Smile Insurance

Our Smile for Life Guarantee ensures your smile lasts a lifetime. With Retainer Insurance, a small copay covers replacement if lost or damaged. Kind Smile Insurance offers minimal copay to maintain your forever smile.